Me vs. My Body

My whole life I have struggled with health issues. Maybe I just got the short end of the stick when it comes to health. I sometimes think, according to Darwin’s Law, that if we lived in the wild, I would not have been one of the strong ones to survive. My body rejects any semblance of balance and I mean that in the worst way. Everything from my pancreas, to my stomach, to my thyroid to my pituitary gland all are in a state of constant imbalance which leaves me in a constant re-balancing act.
My stomach has always been the worst offender. Ever since I was little I would get  these crippling stomach aches. Over the years, starting at the age of 19, I’ve pretty much removed the most common offenders- gluten, dairy and refined sugar. My present diet leaves little to the imagination. But I still have stomach issues, even with my strict diet, and I’ve now uncovered the wonderful world of bacterial imbalances and infections. My achilles heal in life is my stomach. I am so prone to stomach infections, especially when I am stressed. that for the past six months I have had one after another. If you’ve ever had H. pylori infection you know how bad it can get. I am working on those issues, especially the stress management, and hope they get cleared up once and for all.
Along with my stomach goes my pancreas. I’ve always had issues with my pancreas not producing enough digestive enzymes (link to the stomach) or blood sugar regulation after eating. These issues lead to indigestion in my stomach from lack of digestive enzymes and wanting to fall asleep after eating a meal because my blood sugar is all over the place. Thankful those two issues are at bay for the moment.
My thyroid is a tricky beast. I first knew I had issues when the area around it was sore to the touch and inflamed. I was thirsty all the time (to give you an example I would drink almost 200 oz of water a day and still feel extremely thirsty), my hands and feet were so cold all the time (I even got frost nip while skiing) and I was getting acne on my face and back. Finally after much experimenting I got my thyroid balanced and under control.
Now, I know most of my issues are due to genetics because I have been dealing with these all of my life. In the past few years the issues have become exacerbated due to the amount of stress I am constantly under. I know the root of all my evil are my poor stress management skills. So I am currently working on ways to deal with that && I am always taking suggestions.
Side note: all of my issues, and I mean ALL of my issues are solved because of the amazing doctor I go to. Hes a naturopath, which means he uses methods to encourage your body to self heal. I take herbal supplements and he does brain and body adjustments to promote healing. And it works.
Recently I heard about something called “eating for your blood type”. I read about it on a facebook post got interested, made a mental note then promptly forgot about it. I half thought it was a load of crap and half thought that it sounded interesting. Its marketed as a diet solution, which I suppose it could be, but really for me it seems like an inflammation and stomach solution. I am constantly looking for better ways to fuel my body and this seems like an interesting perspective. I am going to test it out and see if it makes any difference in my energy levels.
So this was a little bit of a mix of my past issues, current solutions and future endeavors when it comes to my health. The one thing I’ve learned throughout this experience is that if you don;t have health you don’t have anything.

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