A Career Transition. Maybe.

People sometimes ask me “Do you like your job” and my usual response is “Well at least I have one, right?”

That used to be an acceptable answer when I was a “recent” college grad. The job market was shit and you were lucky to even have a job that paid. But now that I am no longer a recent grad and have graduated to “adult” status, simply having a job that pays doesn’t quite cut it. People want to hear about how exciting your job is. They want to hear about how you are changing the world. && They want to hear how much you love it.

And that is exactly the problem. I don’t love it. I actually, well I actually made a New Year’s Resolution to not use “job” and “hate” together, so I won’t. I feel as if I have gotten everything out of the job that I possibly can. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “YOU ARE A FOUNDING MEMBER OF A START-UP COMPANY, YOU CAN’T QUIT!!” And you’re right. This isn’t a job; it’s a commitment.

So I started to evaluate my options.

1. I could get a “real job”. You know one of those big fancy corporate jobs? Where I get a steady paycheck and I have a boss who gives me performance evaluations. One where I can go to the swanky office parties and eat cake with my fellow workers. Where they pay for my health insurance and I have one of those 401(k) things.


a.) that sounded positively boring and WAY too normal.

b.) I realized I am trained for nothing. I don’t even know what kind of job I would apply for. Is entrepreneur a job title?

c.) I have gluten intolerance and I can’t eat cake.


2. I can start my own business on the side and still work part time at my current start-up.


Sounds like a genius idea, right? One start-up isn’t working so I’ll just go start another one. But I think that’s the way the start-up world works.

Stay tuned to see a 23 year old attempt to run a business. Either it’s going to be a complete success or I will crash and burn. And if I fail, then I will REALLY have to make career transition. But I’ll think about that later.

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