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Many of you have been asking me about more blogs or websites that cover the topic of life after college and the difficulties of being a 20-something. Here are some of the sites that inspire me, teach me, make me laugh, and keep me coming back for more. Feel free to make some suggestions of your own!

About Life After College

Life After College – A brand started by Jenny Blake that has useful information about budgeting, job interviews, and all things that one will encounter after college. She has been at it for a while and has collected a plethora of useful information about practical matters. Great advice blog for all those 20-somethings out there.

The Real Post Grad– covers great topics and is an interesting read for college grads. Again, another useful advice blog for all the 20-somethings out there.

Forever Twenty Somethings– A very clever and quirky website about the experiences of typical 20-somethings. Hilarious and real life concepts are explored. I love reading this blog and check it frequently for my daily dose of comedy. The writers have a knack for relating to the audience and most of the time I feel as if they are writing about my life.

Twenty Tweets – Relevant topics for 20-somethings. They have a funny point of view and they really know what they are talking about. They give great advice like “why life doesn’t end after college”. Good to know.

About Your Career

Ms. Career Girl–  Great site for women in business. The blog covers topics and offers tips that a girl can actually use. Addresses real issues that women with careers feel.

Newly Corporate– If you are looking for career great advice, this is the place to go. Enough said.

Next For Women – Career advancement, advice and empowerment for women in business. Their motto is “own your career”. Doesn’t that make you want to be CEO, like now?

I Want Her Job – Awesome ideas of careers you didn’t even know existed. This site is great if you are in a career rut, like most 20-somethings are. It will make you want to quit your job and become a paid dating consultant. (Well maybe not me because we all know how much I suck at relationships…)

About Love

The College Crush – If you are like me and you are hopeless at relationships, and dating, and meeting people then this is the site for you!

Just For Fun

Betches Love This – Warning, this site is not for the weakhearted. They curse, they are hilariously annoying and very inappropriate. And those are the exact reasons why I love this site. They write what I am thinking but dare not say out loud.  If you are a 20-something girl, you will love this site. If you aren’t a 20-something girl, you will probably hate this site.

A Piece of Toast–  The authors are adorable and relatable, creative and in their mid 20’s. They talk about fashion and all things trendy. It will make you want to go shopping and wear cute heels all the time.

9 Comments Add yours

    1. I love your site! You do such a great job inspiring women in business. Thanks for all of the great stuff you do!

  1. Thanks so much for including us!! We just redesigned our site and our content calendar, so hopefully you like our site even better now!

    1. Of course, I can’t wait to check out the new site!

  2. OMG! So honored that you mentioned TwentyTweets!! This just made my day 🙂

    1. No problem! I LOVE your blog!

  3. Ava says:

    Thanks for sharing these! I’m still new to the blogging world and have been looking for more blogs to follow. As I’m about to graduate college, I welcome any advice and perspective for a twenty-something.

  4. These are all amazing sites! Just started my blog — Maybe one day I’ll be on a list like this 😉

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