NYE resolutions 2013

I always believe that making goals for yourself and writing them down is a great way to keep yourself motivated. So I just thought that I would share my personal goals/resolutions for 2013. Let’s hope this year turns out better than the last one!

My resolutions:

  1. Don’t use “hate” and “job” in the same sentence (i.e. have a positive outlook on my job situation)
  2. Travel to CA destinations on my map of places to visit
  3. Join a gym
  4. Move out of my parent’s house
  5. Get a dog
  6. Take a big travel trip somewhere adventurous
  7. Make some new friends in the area to hang out with

This year my goals are:

  • Better my job situation

– Move office location
– Get a raise- $50,000+ and Health Insurance
Get more shares

  • Become financially independent from my parents
  • Buy a new car
  • Decorate the townhouse make it feel like home
  • Get a doggy
  • Join a gym
  • Run another ½ marathon
  • Be in a relationship
  • Travel someone exotic (big trip!)
  • Check off a CA destination from my list (maybe 2)

– Mono Lake
– Yosemite Half Dome

  • read the news/watch the news at least once a day
  • Join a volleyball club team or running club to meet people
  • Ski a lot!
  • Spend Christmas in Tahoe
  • Do something BIG for next New Year’s
  • and of course, keep working on my blog


3 Comments Add yours

  1. davidjshin says:

    Good luck with your resolutions!

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