Update on My Cleanse…. All you gluten intolerants listen up.


So it has been a week  and two days since I started my cleanse of not eating anything with refined sugar, GMO’s, meat, gluten, dairy, or preservatives. I also drink Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie every morning. It’s been a blast.

But in a seriousness, its been hard but not impossible. And I feel so much better than when I started. Here are some of the positive changes I have noticed:

1. no more stomach aches, my stomach actually feels healthy!

2. increased energy, by that I mean not only can I get out of bed in the morning but I feel like I can move mountains! And I’ve      started to run again!

3. regular sleeping schedule (easily fall asleep and stay asleep)

4. NO MORE MOOD SWINGS – this is probably the best part. I am happy like all the time now!

5. my skin is glowing (in a good way)

I feel like I have my life back. I feel like a 23 year old is supposed to feel. I feel NORMAL. I had almost forgotten what this felt like.

It’s going to be a long journey of saying no to food I know will make me sick. It’s going to be hard but damn it will be worth it!

I’ll have another update on my progress at the 1 month mark and hopefully these positive changes will continue.

* just for reference I still drink coffee and alcohol (well wine is all I’ve had so far on my new “diet”) those two things don’t seem to irritate my stomach thank goodness. I always said that as long as I can drink coffee and wine I’m okay.

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  1. crpeterson says:

    Wow. So what are you eating?!?!

    1. Well to top it all off I hate to cook so right now I am just experimenting with easy things like black beans, quinoa, vegetables and eggs. I eat fruit and vegetables for snacks and I make a lot of smoothies. You sort of have to get really creative but I have also been finding some recipes on Pinterest that I would love to try!

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