Lonely Rant (or something like it)

You know that famous quote (well maybe not famous but I’ve seen it around) by LC. Yes LC as in Lauren Conrad from that OC show. It goes something like this “just when you stop thinking about that boy, he’ll text you. It’s as if he knows and does it just to screw with your head”.

Well something happened today that I think fits this quote and helped me realize an important thing. So a guy from my past texted me. This guy wasn’t anyone special to me, nor was he ever the love of my life but he was a boy that I cared about once. He is going to be in town this weekend and wanted to see me. I was surprised that he even texted me, I mean it’s been a WHILE since we last spoke. We made plans to hang out. Whatever that isn’t even the important part of this story.

Because as I was texting him I found myself stupidly smiling, and getting butterflies and feeling nervous. And then I realized, I haven’t felt this way in OVER A YEAR. I miss this feeling. Smiling for no reason except that you know someone is thinking about you. Getting nervous to see them and anticipating what could happen. When did I stop feeling this way and why??? It dawned on me. I have been so focused on other things, ahem my career, that I haven’t been out with someone in a YEAR. I am turning into a spinster. Who hangs out with cats. I’M GOING TO DIE ALONE.

No I am just kidding I don’t actually believe that. But aren’t our twenties a time when we should be going out with as many people as possible? As sad as it is to say, I’m never going to be as in shape as I am now. It only goes downhill from here. And I just wasted a year. What the hell.

So realization of the day-I am making it a priority. Let’s see what happens. Maybe I’ll break some more hearts. It is what I do best anyways.

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