The Best Four Years of Your Life (or something like it)

“College is the best four years of your life.” People always say that. Usually it’s some middle-aged suburbanite wearing tube socks with sandals reminiscing on the “good old days” of college when he was some hot shot in Sigma whatever Delta Delta. They think back to the glory days when they didn’t have screaming children, spouses, or 9 to 5 jobs to the days of theme parties, drinking, beer pong, greek life, and football games….

But I have to admit, the tube sock wearing suburbanite is right. Now, I am not too happy about being placed in the same category as someone who wears socks with sandals…. but hear me out. College was the best fours years of my life. Growing up was innocent bliss, going through puberty was awkward, boarding school was challenging and life changing, and college was all of that plus more.

Freshman year was innocent bliss. I had no idea what I was doing and most of the time I was I was bobbing around trying not to look stupid. Weather I was slouching in the back of the class so I wouldn’t get called on or trying to act mature in my first take at dating, it all backfired on me. I failed my first class and wound up breaking a couple of hearts (one of them being my own).

Sophomore year was awkward. I think this is the best way to describe this year of my life. I was in my first real relationship, enough said. I partied all the time. I gained weight. I acted stupid. I lost friends. I made some new ones. I tried to act older than my age. I watched one of my best friends develop the first signs of substance abuse. I had a friend die. I learned about myself. I laughed a lot. I cried a lot.

Junior year was challenging and life changing. The change in me came right after sophomore year. I knew I needed to turn myself around. I signed up to study abroad. I signed up for a semester in Washington D.C. I declared my major. I studied all the time. I got into the honors program. I worked my ass off.

Senior year was all of the above plus more. I moved in with the five girls that would change my life. We became best friends. I laughed all the time. I turned 21. I partied. I got involved with my sorority. I reminisced. I looked into the future. I smiled. I got my breath taken away. I experienced new things. I lived. I made memories. I graduated.

College was amazing. Throughout all of the philosophical journeys I took for self-discovery there was constant happiness, sorority sisters, theme parties, no responsibilities, Friday bunch, boys, drinking, togas, beer bongs, slip and slides, hangovers, bar crawls, costumes, flip cup….

If you’re one of the lucky few who still has time left in college, live it up. But for the rest of us, I guess we have some killer memories.

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