One Year Later (or something like it)

So it’s been over a year since I graduated. Actually one year and two months. But who’s really counting anyways…. It crept up on me ever so quietly and then slapped me in the face. I started to realize it was approaching when graduation pictures and statuses started to pop up on my newsfeed from all of younger the girls in my sorority. As I write this I still can’t believe that it has been over a year. Getting inappropriately drunk for taco Tuesday, worrying about finals, dating the wrong guys, living with my best friends it all seemed like it happened just yesterday….

So where do I find myself one year later? I left college with hopes and dreams. Ambition and fear. Jobless and in a relationship. Half in love and half out of it. Living with my five best friends and not having any money to my name. So scared yet so self-assured.

Today I have a secure 9 to 5 and a steady paycheck. I was given a promotion and a raise at four months. I live with my parents, still. I am extremely single and haven’t met a decent guy in a while. I am still just as sacred of the future as when I graduated. And I still have the same ambition and dreams.

I am at the age where when I was younger I thought I’d have it all together. Slowly inching towards 23. Sometimes I stop and think, am I doing this all wrong? Do I focus too much on my career and dreams that it leaves no room for the other things I want out of life? As much as I want to be CEO, do I really want to go through it alone? I’ve already sacrificed so much for my dreams and in the end, will it all be worth it?

But the most important thing to remember is that I am not alone. Every 22-year-old feels lost. Every 22-year-old has that feeling of insecurity about the path they are on. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and in the end, only time will tell.

One year later.

One year wiser.

One year more confused.

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