Let’s Get Real- My Life (your life) in a Nutshell

This blog is for all you out there who have recently graduated college and are looking to make some sense of this place called the “real world”. You thought that you knew what the real world was when you left for college, I mean it was the first time you lived on your own with no one to answer to. No more parents breathing down your neck and no more having to be in a certain place at a certain time. College was finally the point in your life when you really got to experience what the real world was, right? WRONG. Life after college gets real, realllll quick.

  • Jobs (or lack thereof)
  • bills (who knew health insurance was so expensive?!!)
  • paying for gas (heck caring about gas prices)
  • being broke (it’s like our motto)
  • working harder than you thought possible (yes I am always the last one to leave the office)
  • and living at home (again).

You also start caring about all those things you thought only boring adults cared about and then you quickly realize you are one.

  • Watching the news just because
  • going to bed before 11 and waking up before 7 because anything outside those perimeters means you will be falling asleep at work the next day
  • downing several cups of coffee a day to stay awake (also gets very expensive)
  • getting road rage because you have to sit through endless hours of traffic
  • watching your friends get married and/or have kids while you are still single and contemplating getting a pet
  • learning how expensive life is
  • not being able to remember the last time you got drunk…. in college the answer was probably “oh yesterday, I am still hungover”

Before you know it a year has gone by since you graduated and you swear it was just yesterday. Before long you won’t even be able to say that you’re a recent grad because the next group of “kids” will take your place.

But don’t feel bad, I’m just like you.

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